Welcome to CUNY WAC Resources! This site is an online forum designed for collecting, categorizing, archiving and annotating the materials related to WAC principles and pedagogy. Originally, this site was a resource center for all of CUNY’s WAC programs, collecting submissions from The WAC Resource Center group on CUNY Academic Commons. Now it is open to everyone who is involved in and interested in WAC pedagogy to inspire conversations and discussions beyond CUNY. Use the menu across the top to find a variety of WAC resources, and links to WAC sites across CUNY and beyond. 

Do you have a great WAC-inspired syllabus, rubric, or writing assignment? Do you have questions about materials on this site? Do you want to further discuss something related to WAC pedagogy? Any suggestion or advice concerning the website? Please reach out! You can submit new materials and ask questions by contacting Raquel Coy, WAC Coordinator for York College as of 2023-2024 at rcoy@york.cuny.edu. If you are in CUNY Communities, you can submit new materials through the group, and discuss WAC pedagogy on the group forum. The WAC Resource Center’s most popular and most recently uploaded materials are featured in the right sidebar.


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